A Journey Through Your Business

I have developed a selection of workshops & programmes as well as resources to help boost your confidence, work through your wobbles and build your business.

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Are you ready to make massive strides in developing your business?

Ready to make those connections and do what you love doing whilst earning a living?

Ready to get clear, focused and take control?

Lose the confusion, the shoulds and coulds.

Take out all that unnecessary stress and self beating.

Design your business in a way that is comfortable and manageable for you to keep moving forward with clarity, confidence and control.

Connect with your message and vision for your business and make sure it flows throughout all that you do.

This isn't just a do it once and forget about it type of programme! This is a 12 week group coaching programme with tailored content to suit you and your business.

It will enable you to create systems that can be renewed and updated as you grow and evolve.

We will be spending time looking at your mindset, your core values and beliefs so that you can really develop personally as well as professionally! - After all, mindset is a huge part in what causes businesses to fail or fly!


To start things off you will have access to

The Power In Me - Mindset, Movement and Momentum.

Explore, Evaluate, Evolve!

There are times in life and business where we just feel HiJacked. Our time, our energy, our ideas, thoughts, flow and space.

We are HiJacked by others but we are also guilty of HiJacking ourselves.

I know it's not always easy and we can't possibly account for every eventuality or every individual in our lives, but we can start being more aware and take action on the things we choose to - including our own thoughts and actions.

Let's let go of what we can't control and take back what we can.

Clarity, Control and Choice.

No need to feel sick in your gut when someone mentions stepping out of your comfort zone.

No need to keep comparing yourself with others.

Use what you already have and know to make huge strides towards those dreams.

Learn about comfort zones, boxes & bubbles and ways you can break down some of those barriers and blocks that are getting in the way. Start making progress towards achieving your goals with confidence.

Dream, Design, Deliver!

Creative Action NOW! Programme with a downloadable planner that will see you through the year (that's right THE WHOLE YEAR).

Plan with purpose, direction and motivation. Stop planning as a form of procrastination.

Set powerful goals and actually take action on them.

Connect with them and be excited by them!

Discover where / when you're most productive, track your progress, deal with those wobbles before they turn in to issues, get that momentum going and keep it going...make it count!

Elemental Business Development

I have taken the basic elements that we know and created a model around it for you and your business. It is broken down in to key areas but you will quickly see where there are overlaps.

As living beings we need the elements to survive. We need the air to breathe, we are mostly made up and surrounded by water, we need fire for heat and change and we need the earth and all that it provides to grow and live!

Business is the same, there are elements it needs to survive, grow and thrive.

Earth - Structure, systems, processes, foundations of your business, a place to grow from

Fire - Direction, momentum, passion, ideas, content

Water - Value, mindset, flow, resistance, confidence, what you're bringing and adding

Air - Communication, your audience, getting your message out there, balance

Spirit - Identity - YOU in YOUR business, branding, values, mission, purpose, heart and soul

It's Elemental Alchemy!

This programme is designed to help you work through the elements in a way that suits you and your business. It is a fully supported programme! I will be there working through it WITH you every step of the way. There will be lots of opportunities for interaction and live support with Q&As and masterclasses as well. This way you not only have access to the material and resources, but you get my support in the implementation in your business.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to really step things up and boost your business this programme is created in a way that you can benefit from it.

Here is an idea of some of the subjects we will be covering over the 3 months:

  • Your vision, what you are hoping to achieve & how to get there,
  • Marketing, getting your message and brand out there,
  • Mission, Purpose and Values
  • Selling, Sales and Promotion
  • Attracting & Building your audience
  • Packaging your services and products
  • Communication - social media, websites, content
  • Personal Development, resistance, confidence, mindset
  • Systems and process to help you be more productive and organised

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."

- Theodore Roosevelt