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This WILL set you free in business

This WILL Set You Free In Business

Guest post from Emma Holmes – Rebels & Rockstars. I have worked with Emma for just over a year now and WOW the woman is inspirational! Power in the Pen! It’s something Emma has encouraged me to do and it’s something I am still getting the hang of, but I have high hopes!



This WILL Set You Free In Business

I know what it feels like when it feels like there are too many tabs open inside your head. Like your computer, everything starts to go a little bit more slowly. No matter how super duper the processor there’s a point where things just don’t work as they should.

Like the iPhone ~ STOREAGE FULL message it seems to come at the most inconvenient of times and what results is feelings of overwhelm and confusion.

Clarity went on holiday and has been replaced by a huge haze of fuzziness.

Why? Because you filled up your storage, with files you forgot to name let alone add to a filing system!

So I’m a BIG advocate of the written word – there’s masses of power in the pen.

I use my notebooks to capture ideas and stuff I want to implement and I also use my notebooks to unpick stuck-ness and things that are getting in my way. I allow my mind to run free and capture all the things that come up and thought threads that arise from the particular subject.

Is it journaling?

Is journaling lame?

I know that lots of people feel that journaling is one of those things that they should be doing and it becomes one of those things on a list that they will get round to eventually.

I hear people saying that you have to commit and show up to journal consistently.

There seems to be stacks of rules flying around on journaling.

Do I journal? Well I do take stacks of notes and I grab notebooks and work with a pen regularly (not to a timetable but when I need to) BUT I don’t label it as journaling because journaling feels like it’s something that becomes a beating stick. All the rules mean that you can fail at it! All these rules mean that it’s something I could end up beating myself up about if I’m not doing it someone else’s way.

YES – totally get hold of the notebook & pen – there’s so much power there BUT do it your way and it doesn’t have to be stacked full of rules and obligations.

Write down what comes into your head, just let it all out. Free flow. There’s not time at the outset for judgement or for analysing that stuff that came out. That can come later.

I work with ONE notebook at a time.

I know that it’s really easy to have a gazillon notebooks and systems on the go all at once and that you can end up wasting hours and hours looking for ideas that you have had and things that you want to implement.

How do I break this down?

I have 1 notebook (which I fill before starting a new one) for my business.

I have 1 notebook for client calls and the notes from their calls.

I have Trello boards for stuff that is settled and will continue to be used (so once implemented and action has been taken the notes can be safely stored there – for example my launch process for a product, my testimonials, my longer Facebook posts etc, each has a board and they are stored for recycling and re-using).

My phone – when I’m out and about I take notes of ideas on my phone and take lots of pictures. I then process them periodically into action steps and they either go into the notebook for further thought or they are actioned at that time.

Don’t make it too hard, don’t have too many places to find your notes.

Simple but significant is the mantra as always.

Whatever you do – don’t have stacks of bits of paper and never be able to find anything.

Once you have downloaded your head then I work through the notes with a highlighter pen, capturing the good stuff and creating to do lists from the notes I have made. Sometimes notes need to sit in my “nest” for a little while because they need an opportunity for their entirety to hatch. I know that once they are in my notebook though, they are safe and I no longer have to worry about forgetting them.

Another great use for the written word is for overcoming resistance and blocks;

Ever decide that you are going “all in” with something BUT then feel like a huge stumbling block has been put directly in your way immediately?

We often feel that this is the Universe testing us to see if we really want something.

It may be, or it may also be a little self sabotage and ego stepping in to say – ahhh but if you really go “all in” then you might fail/look foolish/fuck up << whatever it’s saying, you kinda get the picture.

If this shows up for you then my suggestion is to acknowledge it and work out what it is that’s behind that little blockage – it doesn’t mean that you are on the wrong track and need to U turn immediately.

Write down what that blockage appears to be then interrogate it like a toddler with the word “why.” I find that this is a fantastic journaling exercise to get the bottom of what that block might be and chances are it’s not what you think it is and it’s probably hung up with an element of self talk and the self talk fairy who just needs to be told to take a hike!

There’s so many uses for the notebook and pen and I think that the written word has such magickal properties (that’s why it’s called SPELLing you know).

Try it, I’d love to know how you get on!

Emma xx

You can pre-order your copy of Emma’s I’m A Flippin Rockstar Journal NOW!

Emma Holmes is the Proud Owner and Founder of Rebels & Rockstars: a hatchery for entrepreneurs with soul.

Helping heart-centred and soulful entrepreneurs to build ridiculously big businesses is her vocation, and she still pinches herself sometimes, that this is actually her job. (She used to be a lawyer who loved living in corporate land, but when mummy guilt arrived, she challenged herself to a new adventure.)

Emma’s also an outsource cheerleader, and a spiritual but practical kind of soul. And she is definitely not scared of a challenge. (She set herself the biggest challenge of her self-employed life in 2015 – to grow a £100k online business without using the ‘tried-and-tested icky sales techniques’ that £100k biz owners usually resorted to.)

Her 2015 success story has since been put to good use (many times), and Emma is positively thrilled to have helped her clients with some pretty amazing online launches – 18k income in one day, launches of £54k+ in sales, and a 30K in 30 days project are just a tiny snapshot of her clients’ achievements.

But what makes Emma beyond ordinary is that she has her own interpretation of business success, and it isn’t about totting up your bank balance. She knows real, long-lasting business success is about creating a sustainable business you love, which grows naturally, fits around your lifestyle and family, and enables your authenticity, and sparkly personality to shine.

As well as being a real-life human blogging machine, Emma has also been featured on That’s Manchester TV and BBC Radio. She’s written for Business Rocks, Freelance Parenting, Fresh Business Thinking, Talented Ladies Club, and MeMeMe.

In a nutshell, she’s proud to be a square peg who doesn’t care about round holes and fitting in boxes. And she encourages her clients to do the same.



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