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When you are feeling overwhelmed and your business ideas are suction-cupped onto your face, so closely that you can’t see their (or your own) potential, Kerry has a wonderful ability to identify your innate skills and gifts that you may be totally unaware of, and the solid advice and vision to bring them to fruition.

Solid, practical advice, with a gift for vision built-in to her practice, I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone who wants to clear the clutter and confusion and move forwards with clarity.

Mandi Colvin

Mandi Colvin Holistics

Kerry is really passionate, approachable and very knowledgeable …. She’s helping me understand and move forward which is fab ….plus I’m learning so much from her unique perspective at the mo.

You’ve helped me to reassess and have to confidence to reach for my dreams by inspiring, encouraging and offering sound practical advice which has helped in so many ways to move me forward. Most of all though you help me to get out of my own way and think outside the box x

Val Stanton

Sage & Stones

Wishing to develop and improve the online sale side of my business, I contacted Kerry from Positive Twists and she recommended an hour consultation.

I was thrilled with the advice and suggestions she made for my website and advertising in general.

Kerry took what seemed to be an impossible, daunting task and gave it a positive twist


Sometimes when you’re feeling a bit uncertain and not sure in which direction to go, it’s good to chat with a like minded person, who will listen to your thoughts without harsh judgement, untangle them, give advice on them and help you create snippets of ideas from them and Kerry over at Positive Twists with Kerry Chumbley did exactly that on Monday evening.

Following her catalyst call, I managed to pick up my brushes again yesterday after nearly 2 weeks of no painting, with my head feeling less foggy and ideas starting to manifest.

I’ve looked into my soul and I can see the way forward!


You’ve helped me build up my self belief and self worth so that I could take the leap into the unknown and go full time with my art. You are constantly encouraging me to be myself whilst nurturing me to push myself more each day x

Claire Groves

Wirelife Art

Kerry is so interactive in every aspect, nothing is too much or too little to ask her. Her business coaching is geared specifically for you for your business and she explains EVERYTHING clearly and patiently for us less than tech savvy artisans.

Absolutely love my chats with Kerry, I’d wholeheartedly recommend her to help bring your business to where you want it to be!


Kerry is definitely my go to person for advice on growing/boosting my business. She is very knowledgeable and only a message/ phone call/ video message away from helping to resolve any issues whether technical, physical or mental as I negotiate my way through the trials of business building.

Very glad she agreed to work with me and her help is invaluable, actually really looking forward to the future and all she can help me with to expand and grow there.

Elizabeth Barbour

Elibar Handknits & BabyWear

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Are you ready to start up, step up and grow your business?

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Kerry for more years than I’ll write and have always known her to be authentic, caring, supportive, loyal and loving in all areas.

When it comes to working with Kerry I’ve been amazed at the quality of work she produces and the level of help and expertise she has in her field. She’s helped me set up mail chimp, my whole website and puts together my work in ways I absolutely couldn’t do on my own.

I know a lot of people who do similar, but Kerry is second to none. I would very highly recommend Kerry’s services.

Stuart Kelly

Stuart Kelly Insights

Kerry at Positive Twists is the kind of person you need to have in your corner as a small business. Whether it’s working past personal issues with confidence or practical marketing matters that you just can’t wrap your head around, Kerry will hold you by the hand and lead you to the light at the end of the tunnel. Her empathy, insight and intuitive grasp of what you’re struggling with (even when you can’t exactly articulate it yourself!) is uncanny.

Highly recommended service.

Louise Lockhart

Thistle Dubh Ewe

Kerry had the most amazing ideas and she listened to me and seemed to know intuitively what ‘I was all about’ and the message I wanted to get across to my crowd and how I wanted my business to actually feel.

I was literally speechless as she really did ‘get me’. She has the most amazing ideas and is so skilled at designing and making your business ‘feel exactly right’ for you!

Trudy Brookes

Awakening Touch

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Kerry for an excellent Call recently. I was at a cross roads with my business development and discussing things with Kerry helped me identify where my passion and enthusiasm lay and where to concentrate my forward plan.

She discussed stepping out of my comfort zone to try/learn new aspects of my abilities – it’s scary but definitely worth doing! I have a new found energy for my business and I’m looking forward to what else I can achieve. Thank you Kerry

Jane Allsop

Jared Designs

What a difference an outside input can have on a business!

I spent just over an hour on a call with Kerry who made me think about things so differently I was incredibly fired up afterwards and ploughed straight in to revamping my website homepage and took 2 bookings before the end of that day! Online bookings being one of the areas I wanted to focus on too!

I’m so grateful for the advice Kerry gave and even just offering professional ears as a sounding board can really help your ideas come to life.

Kerry has given me the boost I needed to focus on the key areas and not get overwhelmed by trying to do everything all at once which is exactly what I needed to hear

Sammy Dingley

Romantic Dreams Bridal

Kerry recently provided guidance on how to pull some things together for my website and blog. They were things I had been thinking about for a long time, but something was missing and having a fresh set of eyes on my page really helped me think about what needed to be more clear.

Her perspective is quite intuitive and she magically just knew what I wanted in a logo. Kerry the Conjurer of ideas! After speaking with her in just one session, I have loads of ideas! Kerry provided me with more in one session than others have in years!

Aimee Halpin

The Burned Hand

Kerry was very informative and full of ideas and inspiration, to help re-energise my business. I had gotten to the point where I felt I had lost my way a bit, but with a few words of wisdom from Kerry, I realised I just needed a little encouragement to move forward with confidence, in the way that I wanted.

I would recommend a Call to help boost any small business, and help guide you to the path with a more positive outlook. Thanks Kerry

Michelle Corbin

Michelle Corbin Designs

Kerry from Positive Twists has helped me enormously with setting up my business.

She did lots of ground work before consulting me at each stage of the proceedings while still encouraging me to make all the decisions.

Without her knowledge, professionalism, help and encouragement, I would have really struggled to get everything in place.

I would highly recommend Kerry’s services to anyone just starting up in business or indeed anyone who just needs a little help.

Margaret Hobbs

TomME Buttons

I approached Kerry to try and make some sense of the marketing overwhelm that was threatening to keep me awake, night after night. These days, when it comes to running your own business, it is not just about knowing your “trade”– it is just as much about being up there with the marketing skills to get you noticed in the global market place. With so much “stuff” whirring around – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – what do you do for this one, different for another one, when? Never ending!

You really want someone with a magical pair of eyes on your business. We sat down together for an amazing VIP session of fun and focus and that is just what I needed! We spent time digging deep and refining my aims to make it more simple for me to get my marketing message across.

Then it was down to structure and strategy, all the time keeping things simple and bite sized (so important to me!). What was really important was not getting bogged down in the structure and losing sight of the opportunities for creativity. I am happy to say that did not happen!!

All in all, it was a fantastic day of learning made simple. Kerry has so much knowledge to share and does it in the most patient way imaginable. She also provides a fabulous follow up making this investment one that you cannot do without for your business. I left feeling exhausted and energised.

Thank you Kerry for putting some magic and sparkle back in to my business!

Tracey Baxter

Deliciously Curvy & Confident

Kerry has a unique talent of identifying and putting a positive twist, hence the name of her business, on something that has become negative and is creating a block in moving forward.

She helped me to break down the thought process of the direction I want to go with my business and tuned into the things that light me up.

She has shown me how to tap into this so that my self belief to achieve my business goals could really become a reality. She has given me lots of insightful advice and ideas that I know will help me in my business and I’m really looking forward to working with her again to develop these.


She has helped me to brainstorm business ideas and see how to bring these ideas to fruition.

She breaks down the process of building on the idea into easy actionable steps so that you feel like your making massive progress in your business without feeling completely overwhelmed. I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone who’s feeling stuck x

Yvonne Seymour

Yvonne Seymour Training

I was so pleased to find Kerry at positive Twists. Easy to work with, professional, creative and delivers amazing results.

I cannot recommend her highly enough. My new branding and website have really helped promote my work.

Since the website, Kerry has continued to develop Facebook ads and content for my page which fit perfectly with my brand and promotion. And the best thing about Positive Twists? I gave Kerry minimal information – she returned exactly what I wanted with a level of detail that I hadn’t begun to consider!!

She provided me with useful ideas and directions – helping me see the overall picture as well as the finer detail as necessary. All sessions were online. Highly recommend.

Liz Sharpe

Live Your Life Therapies

Having run the PCG for five years I had managed to get myself completely overwhelmed with unnecessary work and without a clear plan of the way forward. Kerry leapt to my rescue and helped me to strip down my business to the bare essentials and make some (in some cases drastic but) much needed changes to how I do things.

Kerry encouraged me to change my membership levels so that I was only working for the people who were actually paying for my time.

Kerry also helped me to create schedules so that I was able to walk away from the computer at times and have some much needed me time. I still have a long way to go but I feel much more in control now and have a firmer picture of the way ahead.

reaks down the process of building on the idea into easy actionable steps so that you feel like your making massive progress in your business without feeling completely overwhelmed. I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone who’s feeling stuck x


Professional Crafters Guild

Kerry of Positive Twists continually provides a first class service demonstrating focus, creativity, inspiring solutions.

Kerry offers her own ideas in an informal practical way.

I would recommend Positive Twists to people starting out in small business and for those looking in larger existing businesses looking for something different to promote themselves. Kerry knows her stuff!

Karen Balfour

Emerging Soul Therapies

She digests what I want to happen (and even when I don’t know that myself!!) and produces it creatively and appropriately.

Kerry has enabled me to, not only keep afloat, stretch myself in this land of technology and social media.

Irene Brankin

The Visible Woman

I love your straight up “nae messin” and “tell it like it is” approach. There is a solidity and groundedness with you plus a huge dollop of magic and creative thought.

Fiona Dilston

Fiona Dilston Homeopath

This is the second time I’ve worked with Kerry and she never fails to deliver, her insight and engagement with the client (me) is second to none.

Turn around and communication was excellent as before.

I highly recommend working with Kerry and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Matthew Reeves Hairs

Mr Life Coaching

Kerry is creative, thoughtful, conscious, generous with her knowledgeable professional advice and pays attention to detail. Steeped in integrity, highly recommended.

Ohhh Kerry – you are a magical creative wizard! You have been amazing and I’ve really enjoyed the process

Clarissa Woodcock

Clarissa Woodcock

Her insights really helped me to see where I need to go with my business.

Her technical knowledge was invaluable to help me move forward in this area.

I’m very grateful for all her help.

Sarah Hatwell

AJA Healing