Transformational self discovery for a greater and clearer sense of life purpose

Discover your SOUL PLAN

A Multidimensional System of Self Discovery & Awareness 

Soul Plan

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Uncover your unique gifts & talents & drive. Be inspired to tap into them.

Discover your hidden strengths. Stand strong in the face of those challenges.

Understand what is holding you back. Gain perspective and clear the way.

Get that confirmation, know what to focus on.

Feeling like there’s something more, something you’re missing, something not quite connected?

Tired of the challenges getting in the way leaving you feeling stuck or blocked at every turn? Frustrated with patterns cropping up and going over the same things?

Are you feeling a bit lost, directionless, unsatisfied with things the way they are just now?

Have you found yourself questioning life, your why, whether you’re on the right path; where you’re going and what you’re doing?

Maybe you’re curious and open to discovering new insights and guidance to help you on your journey?

Imagine how it would feel to have a greater sense of purpose, freedom, connection and fulfilment

I think at some point, we all find ourselves with these difficulties, questions and curiosities. Whether they’re fleeting or persistent. Instead of wondering, how would it feel to have

💡 a deeper understanding of yourself, your life, your gifts and talents

💡 the confidence to step forward with focus, direction and clarity like never before

💡 the inspiration and motivation to take action on that vision, on those goals and turn them into reality

And if you’re in business, how would it feel to

💡 have a business that is a naturally aligned expression of you, is more meaningful to you AND is supporting you towards reaching your goals?

💡 attract the right people to your business because you’re working in flow and representing yourself fully

How would it feel to have the ability to experience more success, abundance and fulfilment in your life and business going forward?

It’s A Journey – Don’t Lose Sight

The experiences we have, the choices we make, the people we encounter, and paths we take, all add to who we are. It all brings different feelings, blocks, baggage, skills, strength, knowledge and wisdom.

Not all of it is for our greater good and we don’t want to carry it around. It weighs us down, diverts us and prevents us from truly knowing, seeing and understanding ourselves.

We can lose sight of all that is good and strong, all those innate gifts and talents we have. We question them, doubt them, turn our backs on them. Consciously and unconsciously.

It’s time to uncover what is hidden. To clear those redundant energetic blocks, limiting beliefs and old patterns that are holding you back from aligning with your full potential.

“I didn’t know what to expect but I was intrigued and by the end of the session my mind was blown. Wow!

Having my soul plan done was eye opening and quite emotional.

The results showed so many core parts of me and gave me a real sense of why I do some of the things I do.

I was not expecting it to be as detailed and precise. Highly recommend it, such a deep level experience and I felt more connected to myself in so many ways. Thank you xxx”


Discover Your Soul Plan

Your Unique Blueprint

Soul Plan is a powerful and accurate system of life purpose analysis, guidance, spiritual coaching and healing. It is a fascinating way of exploring yourself and your life.

We can look at where there may be issues around finances, self esteem, self worth, anger, freedom, abundance… Where are those frustrations coming from, where are you feeling blocked?

We’ll be able to identify strengths and talents that might feel hidden to you. Things like creativity, business acumen, leadership skills, connection and communication. Teaching abilities, counselling skills, spirituality, healing potential, if you’re logical, methodical and organised…

Your Soul Plan can be a significant catalyst for transformation and progress.

When we experience a soul plan reading, our lives become clearer. We can see and know ourselves at a very deep level. Our whole outlook on life can change as things unfold naturally.

Take a peek behind the scenes.

Accelerate that healing and growth.

Take that knowledge, be empowered and move forward with a
greater sense of clarity, control and confidence.

“What an amazing session we had. Thank you so much. I feel very calm and excited at the same time.

Very insightful and very much confirming that I am on the right path (mostly, haha) at my time of life.

I really enjoyed connecting with you and found the Star of Creation, mind blowing. Thank you for your attachments too Kerry.

You are doing amazing work Kerry and thank you for spending so much time with me on zoom.”


What to Expect In A Soul PLan Reading:

Your birth name has hidden within it your life’s blueprint.

During the purchase process you will be asked to provide your birth name. Using ancient numerology, sound vibration and energy, I will translate your name and prepare your chart with your unique combination of talents, challenges and goals.

I will then arrange to get on a video call with you via zoom (60-90 mins). Together we will:

💡 explore any challenges that may have or are currently presenting themselves.

💡 uncover and explore your natural talents; those gifts you were born with.

💡 delve into your goals, your soul destiny and those big picture possibilities.

You will also receive practical guidance on how to best use your talents to overcome those challenges, and achieve your goals.

Kerry Chumbley Business Development for Self Employed

And There’s More

At the end of your chart analysis, you will be able to receive a Grace Healing which is a gentle yet powerful process for clearing those blocks, as well as your Soul Plan Integration and Activation.

This will help accelerate that healing and start the process of realignment.

You will also get:
A copy of your Soul Plan E-book.

Your Soul Message Affirmation as a phone image so it’s always there when you need it.

Your Self Discovery Journey Starts Here!

Soul Plan Reading

Standard Soul Plan Reading

Preparation of your Soul Plan

1 to 1 session via Teams (60-90 minutes)

Grace Clearing, Integration, Activation & Alignment

Copy of your Soul Plan and E-book, along with your Soul Message
Affirmation image for your phone

Provide your birth name, the full name you were given at birth – DOUBLE CHECK CORRECT SPELLING

Special Offer £75 normal price is £120

❗ This process may raise deep feelings. Your personal safety and well being are paramount. If you have undealt with trauma or are in the process of dealing with trauma, please make sure you have a plan in place for support. Whilst I am trained in mental health and will do my best to keep you safe, I need you to take this into consideration. If in doubt consult your doctor, therapist or health care provider before purchasing. I’m also happy to have a chat with you.

Business Name Optimisation

Are you considering names for your business, programe, services and are curious about the energy hidden within it?

We can take a look at the options you’re considering. Let’s see which one aligns with the purpose and intention, as well as with you, your hopes and vision.

If you book at the same time as your Soul Plan – PLUS £45 for up to 3 names

Business Names only £75 for up to 3 names.

Plus £20 for each additional name

“My soul plan reading was an incredible experience. Kerry pinpointed & illuminated the challenges and abilities that have turned up time and time again in my life, and with that brought a new level of understanding of how, why and when they’ve been (or are) present.

It deepened my understanding of myself and also the tools and attributes that I have within me, to work with all areas, as well as an absolute recognition & confirmation of where I am aiming for which was something I felt on such a deep level, that it can only be soul-led.

The healing and integration process was very much ‘my human’ joining with a soul recognition, something inexplicable with mere words, but felt & attuned to on an extraordinarily deep level.

An incredible experience with many aha moments and knowledge brought forwards to enable future growth and alignment.”


Knowledge is Power!

It’s up to you what you do with it.

This is for You if….

you have a curiosity to know yourself on another level

you are open to different perspectives and ready to receive those insights and guidance waiting for you

You are open to unlocking that hidden potential and possibility


This is Not for You if….

You are looking for excuses and reasons to stay in your stuck

I also want to reiterate, this process may raise deep feelings. Your personal well being and safety is paramount. This may not be for you if you are experiencing / working through deep trauma. Whilst it can support your healing and self discovery, you might not be in the right place just now to work with it.


Got Questions? Here’s Some Answers!

Do I need to be in business to have a Soul Plan Reading with you?


Yes I work with business owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers, BUT the personal and spiritual development aspects will benefit anyone. Soul Plan is for everyone regardless of business status.

What do I need?

You need yourself, an open mind, oh and a computer / laptop / phone with a camera and mic and don’t forget that peace and quiet.

You’ll probably want to make sure you have some time after the reading to just be.

What if I had a name for a few days then it was changed?

Provide both the name you were given originally and what it was changed to, we’ll take a look at the different energies. 


What if I’m not known as my birth name?

Provide both the name you were given originally and what you’re known as, we’ll take a look at the different energies. 

Won’t everyone with the same name have the same plan?

No – you can give 10 different people the same canvas, the same type and colour of paint, the same brushes, the same scene to paint and every single one of them will produce something different.

Everyone’s experiences, perspective, beliefs and values are different. Not all Virgos are the same, although we share similar “typical” traits.

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