Self Sabotage - Don't Pull That Thread


The worst thing you can do is keep pulling the thread.

You know the one when you’re in a really crappy head-space, when everything is shitty and nothing is working. You keep going though. It’s like an avalanche, once it’s started it just gathers momentum!

You start looking at everything that could possibly be wrong and all the reasons you’re going to fail or are failing. That’s it, you’ve hit the self destruct button, self sabotage is in full swing now!

You poke holes in every little thing in your business and your life and completely bypass anything positive. Before you know it, it’s all tears, snot and tantrums. You’re quitting on everything, lost all hope and WTF is the point in anything anyway?!


Instead when you’ve found yourself in a bit of a hole / rut / crappy moment there are things you can do to lift that up. Maybe not as a long term solution, but in a way that clears things enough for you to be able to address some other things.

🎶 Listen to Music

Have a play list that lifts your spirits. Rock out to your favourite tunes, listen to them loud, dance around, shake off the crap.

Music is one (if not the only) thing that fires up both halves of your brain. Whether it’s the lyrics, the beat, the vibe or a combination of both make sure it’s something that you know makes you feel energised, brighter, lighter.

🎞️📸 Create an album of happies!

We all have things that we like to watch and look at, that make us giggle and smile – sometimes even inducing a proper belly laugh with tears, snorts and crossed legs! Create a watch list in YouTube or Saved links on your Facebook page.

👏 Look for the positives.

Go have a look through your testimonials / feedback where people have told you how amazing your work / service / YOU are. Look for things you’ve had published, awards you’ve received. What have you done that you’ve been really proud of? What obstacles have you overcome to get to where you are now and remind yourself it’s still in there.

✍️ Write it down

Get it out your head. It doesn’t have to make sense just get it out. Even if it’s doodles, scribbles, random words and phrases. Even if it’s starting with a big swear word to get you unblocked. Once it’s out you have more headspace to think about things and seeing it written out sometimes brings all the clarity you need.

🗣️ Talk it out

I don’t mean going on a bitch moan fest, I mean find someone you know will listen but won’t let you dwell. Someone that is going to help you lift that funk, distract you, make you laugh and shine some light, give you a starting point to move forward and pick things up again. Like the writing, once you hear it out loud, once you’ve actually said it things can quickly become more focused.

🛀🚶‍♂️Take a break

Step away and do something relaxing, something that is going to give you time out away from it. I know sometimes it’s hard when you’re stuck in your own head with those thoughts, it’s all you think about, and you think that no amount of doing something else will sort it out. BUT it really does. How many times have you forgotten the name of something and tried for ages but for the life of you you can’t remember? Then all of a sudden you’re doing the dishes, sitting on the loo, getting ready for bed and BOOM the answer is there! Give yourself some time and space away from it. Get rid of that unhelpful energy, gather your thoughts and come back ready to tackle some of the things you need to do.

Once you’ve lifted that crappy feeling enough, you can then look at how to make some changes, how to move forward and keep going. What needs to be done, what you can do and where you’re headed.

YOU CAN DO THIS 💪💞 If you want to know how I can help, if you want to talk why not check out my Power Hour Strategy Calls they might just help … or why not join us in the Fusion POD for £10 a month with no tie in.

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