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As a self-employed business owner, every now and then you need some motivation, inspiration and a selection of resources to fall back on.

I’ve got you covered.

From E-Books, Guides & Workbooks to Instant Access Mini Courses & Masterclasses.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, check out my one to one support.

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E-Books, Guides & Workbooks

Ditch the Dilemma

Ditch The Dilemma

Is your Decision Making Process letting you down?

Guiding you through your decision making process, it will help you make informed choices that solve problems, rather than creating a whole load more!

Are you ready to get clear and stop wasting time on those decisions?

24pg A4 PDF – Guide & Worksheets

Only £7

Passion Money PMS Energy in Business

PMS – Energy In Your Business

Where are you putting your energy in your business?

What are you saying yes to? Saying no to?

What’s it having an impact on?

It’s time to explore the energy in your business

19pg A4 PDF – Guide & Worksheets


Only £7

Collaborate with Confidence Collaboration

Collaborate With Confidence

Grab your guide today, avoid the most common pitfalls and give your collaboration the best chance at success.

Once you’ve made your way through this guide & workbook, your mind should be whizzing with ideas & you’ll have a clear idea of who you want to collaborate with, why and how.

25pg A4 PDF – Guide & Worksheets

Only £7

SCOOP Business Development


It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and every day goings on in your business. Unfortunately it means that other things may be overlooked!

By the end of this process, you will have a clear and visual representation of your business story. Giving you the foundations of a plan to move forward and grow!

36pg A4 PDF – Guide & Worksheets

Only £7

Personal Power

Personal Power

It’s easy for things to become disjointed and feel out of balance.

Identify where things are out of alignment. Connect with your goals, with your business and with your life.

It’s time to uncover your Personal Power, to fully appreciate yourself, and to step into all that you are and can be.

22pg A4 PDF – Guide & Worksheets

Only £7

Masterclasses, Mini Courses & Challenges

Money Matters Costing & Pricing Services and ProductsResources


If you’re not even covering your costs (all of them) then your business isn’t viable.

Take the guess work out of your costing and pricing. It’s time to create and understand your process.

Get clear about your figures and do it in a way that doesn’t burst your head!

You don’t have to be good at maths, even if you hate accounting, you can take the class and use it with ease.

Instant Access Masterclass, Printable & Digital Resources

Only £47


Planners & Journals for Entrepreneurs

Planners & Journals

A selection of planners and journals for your business, personal and spiritual development.

Including Power Pages Business Journal, CAN Plan Goal Setting Planner and Card A Day Journal.


Business Support Virtual Drop In

Free Virtual Drop-In

It’s like a walk in support clinic meets networking with a dash of group coaching.

Grab a cuppa, join me, talk to me about your business, working from home, life in general. Ask your questions, share experiences. Connect with others, have a laugh.

Business Blog

Ramblings & Revelations

Don’t forget my Ramblings & Revelations Blog. You can even tune in to the Podcast if you’d rather.

A range of topics around Business, Personal and Spiritual Development. From Confidence and mindset to alternative practices and practical business strategy.

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From support to implementation. Mindset to strategy. Big picture to project specific. I can help.

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Soul Plan Reading with Kerry Chumbley

A Multidimensional System of Self Discovery & Awareness.

Soul Plan is a powerful and accurate system of life purpose analysis, guidance, spiritual coaching and healing. It is a fascinating way of exploring yourself and your life.


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