Planners & Journals for Entrepreneurs

Below you will find a selection of planners and journals for your business, personal and spiritual development.

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Business Planners and Journals

The Pen Is An Instrument of Discovery Rather Than Just A Recording Implement

Billy Collins

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Power Pages:
Business Journal

A journal system that develops with you and your business. Prompts & Action throughout. Access to BONUS content and digital resources. Available in 8.5″x11″ &  6″x9″

CAN Plan Goal Setting Planner

CAN Plan: Goal Setting Planner

8.5″x11″ undated, annual goal setting planner intended to help you identify, set and take action on your goals. Includes: health trackers, goals, reviews, journal space and blank calendars.

Card A Day Tarot Oracle Journal

Card A Day: 3 Month Oracle / Tarot Journal

6″x9″ 3 months / 13 weeks of daily journaling, plus weekly and monthly reflective space. Magical illustrations throughout. Available in 4 covers, paperback and hardback options.


Journaling is a powerful tool, in life and business. Through journaling and self-reflection, you become more aware.

Getting your thoughts out onto paper helps you deal with what’s going on in your head. Helping to fend off overwhelm for starters. Getting those thoughts out gives you space to do something with them.

It helps you to identify areas you’d like to improve and develop or areas to let go and heal from.

It encourages creativity and creative thinking. Helping you to really express yourself in different ways. Especially when you give yourself permission to just write, or doodle and draw of course.

Power Pages Business Journal
CAN Plan Goal Setting Planner


Zig Ziglar said “If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time”.

To reach a goal you create a plan. 

Working on content, projects, systems, products or services in your business. Booking a holiday, planning a celebration or organising the next day. There is a goal in there, an end result.

A plan should lay out key steps in getting you to where you want to be.

Some things just need you to do the thing. Some things will need more considered planning.

The problem with planning is planning. It’s easy to get caught up in getting all the details of a plan right, but your plan is nothing without action.

Planning comes in all manner of ways. Don’t give up because one thing doesn’t work for you.

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