About Me & Positive Twists

PERSONAL  PROFESSIONAL  PASSIONATE Running your own business can set you free, but it’s not all prosecco, profit and part-time hours. You need serious drive and determination to be successful, but most importantly, you need to cut through the noise and … Read More

Contact Me

CONTACT ME If you would like to work with me and /or want to know more : You can drop me an email using the form on this page. Connect with me on social media too. You can even give … Read More

Positive Twists

MARKETING SERVICES & SUPPORT 1:1 COACHING & CONSULTATION SERVICES workshops, courses & resources   “what really sets you alight is pulling the creative stuff together. You meld the ideas, the vision with the practical and then get people in action … Read More

What is Marketing

You might think marketing is for big businesses, that you don’t need to worry about it. You would be very very wrong. Marketing is for ALL businesses. You might have the best products or be delivering the best possible service … Read More

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