Side step the noise.
Focus on the right thing for you and your business, and amazing things can happen

You’re here because you’re looking for help and support in managing and developing your business.

You’re looking for someone to help make things clearer, more manageable and pull it all together. Someone to bounce ideas around with. To listen to you, give you space to offload and help you work through those wobbles and decisions.

You’re looking for someone to hold you accountable and keep you on track. Someone who feels part of your team, to jump right in with you. A wing woman you can be yourself with and rely on to have your back.

You want to know if I can help and how much it’s going to cost.

Let me cut to the chase and tell you what you want to know!

Yes, I Can Help You!

From Support to Implementation. Mindset to Strategy. Big Picture to Project Specific. I can help.

“So happy Kerry, thank you so much for helping me, 8 weeks ago I thought I was going to lose my house!”

Victoria Gill – Victoria Wellness UK

a unique business development experience

By blending coaching, mentoring and practical support, I offer a unique service helping you build your business and bring those ideas to life.

Every package is designed to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for administration and management, coaching and development or a combination, we can work together to create the support that you need. This means, rates also vary.

I appreciate you want to know costs. I also appreciate you might not know where you want to start. That is why I’m inviting you to have a chat with me and suss things out.

Simply fill in your details below and I’ll be in touch to discuss your needs.

It’s Time To Bring Your Vision To Life

Your business is in your hands, but I’m right here with you.

Whether you want to work on a specific project or you’re looking for long term support, I’ve got you covered.

It could be

    • Brainstorming and developing those ideas, products and services
    • Working on your marketing, message, content and engagement
    • Branding strategy
    • Mindset, Motivation & Accountability
    • Inspiration & Identifying opportunities
    • Hands-on Administrative and Management support
    • Creating those structures and systems to manage your business and time more effectively

And whatever you’re working on, bringing it all together in a cohesive and manageable way.

“Kerry has a unique way of cutting through the chaos and making everything seem so much more achievable and manageable. With Kerry’s support and guidance the impossible seems possible. If you want honesty, clarity, direction and focus I cannot recommend her services enough”

Bridie Walker – Miss Warrior

Flying Solo Isn’t Easy

Managing and growing a business can be stressful and demanding. Especially when you’re flying solo. It’s probably a lot harder and a lot less glamorous than you thought it’d be.

One minute you think you’re fine. Next minute you’re bawling your eyes out, frustrated as hell. Questioning why you even started in the first place.

Working on your own can often leave you feeling stuck in your own head. Resulting in frustration and overwhelm. Things become harder to manage. Your emotional, mental and physical well-being take a hit. As does your personal life. Regardless, you’ll keep trying to bash on through.

Eventually, that fire of passion will be extinguished.

Let the possibilities inspire you more than the obstacles discourage you

Ralph Marston

You want to have a business that feels like you. That works for you. That is successful, makes money and at the same time is fulfilling!

Growing your business means building on your strengths, working on those wobbles and having all the cogs in the system working together. This is what facilitates your growth and increases capacity for earning.

It means, having the strategy, systems and processes that support you. Enabling you to stop being chained to your desk, juggling all the things and trading your hours for money.

It means side-stepping the noise and not getting caught up in how everyone else is doing it. Because you are not them!

That’s why you need support that is going to work for
YOU and YOUR business!

What’s special about Kerry is that she takes a complete 360 view of you and your business. No stone is left unturned.

She provides emotional and mindset support as well as fantastic business advice and practical ideas, which makes such a difference, particularly during challenging times. I can’t wait to work with Kerry more in the future and I’m so grateful that she has my back!

Beckie Ruddock

Imagine how it would feel to have direction. To have the confidence to take action. AND the energy and drive to make it work.

Instead of sleepless nights worrying about sales, steady income and your to do list. Being kept awake with endless questions about whether you can make it work and 2nd guessing your decisions. IMAGINE WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE TO:

Feel more confident and at ease. Not only in your decisions, but also within yourself and your business.

Have a clear vision for your business, your purpose, your offerings and your clients. Resulting in a consistent income you can rely on to provide the life and freedom you desire. To know that what you’re doing is working towards bringing that vision to life.

Be comfortable and confident stepping into your power. Knowing you have a strategy and structure that supports your business growth, your life and your vision.

The best part? Feeling much more IN CONTROL of the entire process.

Manage, develop and grow your business with confidence and a fire in your belly.
It’s time for a business you love, feel proud to share and isn’t draining you.

“Kerry is worth her weight in gold when it comes to helping you work out where and how to move forward with your business. Her experience and guidance helps you solve issues without you feeling stupid and gives you the courage to step out of your comfort zone.”

Claire Groves – Wirelife Art

What You Want Is Within Your Reach.

You are MORE than capable of creating the dream business and lifestyle you want.

Stepping into your power is knowing when to ask for a helping hand.

You have amazing gifts, talents and knowledge to share with the world. It’s about time you fully honored them, and yourself. Embrace that limitless potential so that your business and bank account reflect your value, vision and passion.

You deserve someone who can pull out the best in you and your business. Someone to help build that business and turn the vision into a reality.

That’s why I am offering you a unique, personalised business coaching experience. Designed to meet you where you are. In your business, in your life, in your day-to-day.

“I love working with Kerry. During our calls her approach is the right amount of compassion and challenge to allow me to find clarity for myself. Which is a fab way of making sure I am totally aligned to the next steps in my business. Kerry has unlimited idea’s and is so enthusiastic, it’s impossible to stay stuck. I highly recommend Kerry ❤”

Karen Purnell – Crimes Through Time & Fearless and Free 

Your Business Support

with you every step of the way.

As I said before, services and packages are tailored to suit YOU. 
Administration and management, coaching and development, one-offs or ongoing support.
Even mix and match to suit your needs.

How about it, are you ready for some support?

“Kerry has an amazing array of skills which means that she really could provide me with support on anything that I threw at her. Each call built on the last and whenever we finished a call she would update our boards with what we had covered, plans we had discussed and the next steps to be taken.

By the time our last call came round I felt so much more confident not only in where I was heading, but in my abilities to achieve my goals and dreams. Not only was each call hugely productive they were also fun, she really does have a unique way of getting you to reach your potential.

Mandie Danks – The Dogworks and TouchTree

If you want to build your business and at the same time have a rewarding personal life, you call a coach. 

Denver Post

You want exciting, invigorating and inspiring.

Enough with the scrolling, searching, conveyor belt templates. The same-same strategies, pre-made marketing plans and scripted off the shelf coaching.

It’s time to stop wasting your precious time, energy and money on things that aren’t working for you. You deserve better.

Let’s untangle the chaos. Boost your confidence. Create a plan. Work through your wobbles and give you a sense of relief and clarity that will enable you to crack on and move forward.

It’s so much easier when someone is walking alongside you!

Kerry Chumbley Business Development for Self Employed

“When you are feeling overwhelmed and your business ideas are suction-cupped onto your face, so closely that you can’t see their (or your own) potential, Kerry has a wonderful ability to identify your innate skills and gifts that you may be totally unaware of, and the solid advice and vision to bring them to fruition.

Solid, practical advice, with a gift for vision built-in to her practice, I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone who wants to clear the clutter and confusion and move forwards with clarity.

Mandi Colvin – Mandi Colvin Holistics


Do you do a Power Hour?

I offer Catalyst Calls for when you need a spark to get you going.

If you’re are all tangled up with your thoughts. In need of some perspective, a fresh pair of eyes and some help making sense of it.

Looking for ideas? I can help identify opportunities, and be a sounding board…

Catalyst calls are powerful, they can really give you a boost when you need it.


Who / What kind of businesses do you work with?

I work mostly with business owners and entrepreneurs who are already established and have some level of online presence. In particular those who are looking to develop new ideas, projects and income streams.

However, I have helped start ups, people bringing their business online, leaving full time employment and /or changing direction.

I have worked with many different businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers: hairdressers, bridal wear, witches, mediums, spiritual healers, lightworkers, energy workers, therapists, practitioners, artists, makers, finance, lingerie, fitness and well being, crime and mystery…

As long as we are a good fit for each other, you’re ready to jump in and are open to giving things a try, that’s what’s important


Why do you offer different services?

I’m a big believer in using a variety of tools and techniques to help people move forward. By blending the different skills, experience and understanding I have, I am able to offer a genuinely holistic approach to business development.

It might not be until you’re working on something that you realise you need support in different ways. I enjoy a variety of tasks, always have. With skills, knowledge and experience in different areas, I think it’s only right that I give you the best I can by utilising all that I have.

If I’m not the right person for you, I will always do my best to recommend someone who might be.

Can you help with Tech & Design?
Don’t let structure, processes. tech and design stop you moving forwards.

There may be areas that you need support with in terms of done for / with you. Most of my clients have needed a little hand in different areas, which is why these things are available in addition to your coaching and mentoring package.

I can help

✅ With your Content, from strategy to creation. Proofreading, copy editing, layout, sequencing, structure. I can even create social media images for your digital marketing.

✅ Bring all the elements of your brand together saving time, energy and establishing brand recognition.

✅ Brainstorm, structure and create materials & resources for your products & services (ebooks, printables, handouts, self published book layout, presentations…)

✅ As a Certified Mailerlite Expert I can also help with your email marketing, sequences, automation and content.

✅ Guidance on design, layout and customer experience for your website. I also work alongside a fabulous hosting company and together we’ve set up many a business with the foundations to build from.

“I was struggling to develop my small business, the advice and encouragement I got from Kerry was invaluable. This lady knows her stuff!! She pushed me beyond where I thought I could go business wise, pointed me in directions I hadn’t thought about and is still a fantastic support today.”

Elizabeth Barbour – Elibar Handknits & Babywear

What Bridie had to say after a couple of months...

Being solo in business is tough and having no one to bounce ideas off, discuss plans with etc for me I can go round and round in circles, argue with myself and get easily distracted. Having a business coach is essential for me because it not only gives me another perspective but it also gives me space to off load and remove any blocks or barriers.

Why you? You don’t talk in business slang (although your knowledge of what does what and why is amazing) I’ve never even heard of half the things you have helped me implement.

I can be myself – with other coaches I’ve always felt like I’ve had to have my shit together or id be judged but with you I just show up as a wreck usually and leave the session feeling so much clearer.

You get who I am and my message – there’s no bullshit do this sales funnel – you need to message ten people a day bullshit. It’s all authentic and in alignment with who I am because it’s who you are.

I was looking for support. I know a lot about what it is I want to do but I didn’t know exactly how to do it.

Technical stuff is not my strong point and I’ve felt I’ve really needed your support in this area.

I look forward to our sessions because I know that the big ball of mess in my head with be untangled and organised at the end and this gives me the space in my head I need to focus on the work I enjoy because I can be fully with my clients and my creativity instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed

For me you are more than a business coach you are my friend, my helper, my mentor and my life line to sanity 😂xx

What Tracey said about her VIP Day...

I approached Kerry to try and make some sense of the marketing overwhelm that was threatening to keep me awake, night after night. These days, when it comes to running your own business, it is not just about knowing your “trade”– it is just as much about being up there with the marketing skills to get you noticed in the global market place. With so much “stuff” whirring around – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – what do you do for this one, different for another one, when? Never ending!

You really want someone with a magical pair of eyes on your business. We sat down together for an amazing VIP session of fun and focus and that is just what I needed! We spent time digging deep and refining my aims to make it more simple for me to get my marketing message across.

Then it was down to structure and strategy, all the time keeping things simple and bite sized (so important to me!). What was really important was not getting bogged down in the structure and losing sight of the opportunities for creativity. I am happy to say that did not happen!!

All in all, it was a fantastic day of learning made simple. Kerry has so much knowledge to share and does it in the most patient way imaginable. She also provides a fabulous follow up making this investment one that you cannot do without for your business. I left feeling exhausted and energised.

Thank you Kerry for putting some magic and sparkle back in to my business!

Let’s get off on the right footing and have a chat before we work together.
Drop me an email below and get things rolling.

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