Monitoring & Evaluating Your Services


Are you monitoring & evaluating your services? Are you making a difference with what you do?

Stay with me here … Monitoring & Evaluating along with KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are often met with sighs, groans and I’ll do it later, I don’t have time, or some kind of tantrum over paper work (I’m already doing well if you’re still here) … BUT when I mention testimonials and reviews you can see the value in that almost immediately right?!

Why? Because a testimonial can be used to show off your product / service. It can help you “sell” your wares. Because it’s something people can connect with.

Testimonials & Reviews

Here’s just a few reasons why they work and how you can use them:

✨ They might say something about your services in a way you hadn’t even considered
✨ They might talk about an aspect of your work and service that you had over-looked
✨ You might struggle to blow your own trumpet, testimonials and quotes help you to do just that (and no it’s not big headed!!)
✨ People like to see what other people’s experiences have been, especially if they are considering spending money with you
✨ When you’re having a crappy day you can have a look over all those amazing comments and smile
✨ You can use it throughout your social media and website

Testimonials / Feedback / Reviews / Social Proof (whatever you call it) doesn’t have to be screeds and screeds of detail and opinion.

Do you ask your clients / customers to give you a testimonial / review? Do you capture comments they’ve made during your work with them and asked if you can share? Do you share them? YOU SHOULD!

Start collecting and using those comments, get your shine on and show them off!

But How Are Your Services Making A Difference? How Can You Capture The Journey?

In my last job, we had to evidence what we were doing in order to gain funding for projects. We had service level agreements with the local authorities for one lot of funding and when we were putting in funding bids we had to put down numbers and list indicators that our programme would be aiming for.

This was not always easy! It caused much upset, conflict and stress. Part of my job was putting in systems to make it as easy as possible for my colleagues. BUT it was never easy because of the type of work we were doing, we were working with people, young people and in a variety of different situations. Many things had to be taken in to consideration and systems were constantly being reviewed and amended.

The numbers were easy enough, how many of this age, that sex, this geographical area. How many were turning up each week, what activities were available and what information was given out … tick boxes!!

But how can you put a numeric value on someone’s experience, on the difference you / your service made to a young person? How could you monitor the impact the information you gave out and the effect of the discussions you had with these individuals?

With a lot of creativity, working together, determination and a rack of different tools and methods for gathering bits of information.

We knew what we were aiming for and we knew the work we were doing, we just had to create systems and procedures that captured as much as we could.

It was still met with difficulties and added different levels of stress to the work. Most of us just wanted to do the work we weren’t there to fill in paperwork, we were there to help, support and guide … BUT without that paperwork and without providing evidence we wouldn’t get the money that enabled us to do those things.

What Does This Mean For Your Services?

If you aren’t able to show what you do and the differences you can make then you won’t be able to reach the people that need you. If you aren’t reaching the people that need you then you’re not able to help them. It also means you are unable to continue doing what you love because you’re not making a living – unless you see it as a voluntary capacity or expensive hobby (which I’m assuming is not the case).

Monitoring & Evaluating your services is really not as difficult as you might think. You can create many ways of capturing the impact you have, the difference your service has made or the experience and journey someone has had whilst working with you.

✨ Ask people if they would mind providing you with a testimonial and ask them if they are happy for you to use it in your marketing and if it’s really personal ask if you can use parts of it anonymously.

✨ Create questionnaires for your clients to complete if you are looking for more specific “measurements”.

✨ Ask if they are comfortable enough to provide you with a video testimonial or if they would mind taking part in a small interview with you.

✨ If you’ve carried out a really great piece of work with someone over a period of time ask them if you can create a case study based on their journey.

✨ You can create baseline assessment tools to establish where the person is starting and then carry out a review at set times (or at the end depending on the length of time you have contact with them).

✨ If it’s relevant ask if you can contact them again in a few weeks / months to see how they are getting on.

If you would like a hand creating some tools of your own I will be putting together a little workshop as part of my “It’s All Elemental” series. If you are interested to find out more please fill in the form below and look out for the links in your email (check your spam folder too just in case)



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