Money Matters

with Kerry Chumbley

Lift Your Head Off the Desk & Breathe.

You’ve Got This!

So you decided to get in to self-employment because you wanted to free yourself from the rat race, so you could spend time doing what you wanted to do in a way that works for you right? BUT there’s so much to think about, plan, organise and figure out; and then there’s the finances.

You look around and see that there are so many different prices being promoted. Then you start to compare yourself. Your prices are up and down like a yoyo in your head, and you just can’t settle on what you’re going to charge.

It can be hard working out and talking about money. For many people it’s the one thing they don’t want to talk about in their business (you’re not alone). Some even choose to just bury their heads and carry on regardless….until the proverbial hits the fan!

Without that income you can’t keep doing what you want to do. You can’t pay those bills and you can’t treat yourself and loved ones when the notion takes you. You can’t have all those nice things, you can’t help the people you want to help and before you know it, you’re ready to quit and start looking for employment again!

IT’S TIME TO GET SERIOUS! Take the guess work out of your costing and pricing. Get clear about your figures and do it in a way that doesn’t burst your head!

Are You Ready?

to get clear about your bottom line?

to understand your costing & pricing?

to work towards those income goals?

Kerry’s masterclass helped me to understand and calculate what has been an unexplored (& literally unknown) area for me previously. I was comfortable with my pricing and my costs, but this showed me a whole new way to look at these things, with practical application.  Looking at how to break it down has really helped me to understand the what, where and how of my income streams and time management. This is such a helpful and eye-opening masterclass – an absolute must for any entrepreneur xxx


I listened to the money master class last night – so eye opening. I have an accountant and tell myself I am not maths minded but I followed it perfectly xx I am going to print the work books off this weekend and do it again with my actual numbers. Great timing for my stuff as I was tempted to pluck a figure out the air I thought people would pay, rather than covering myself properly xx



Survive to Thrive

Once you know these figures you can break it down so that you know what you need to account for in your rates to make sure you are at least breaking even and covering your costs!

You can work out what you need to charge, what you are aiming for, what you are working with, where you need to make changes, set yourself targets and how many items / services / sessions / programmes you need to sell in order to make your targets.

Explore differrent ways you can leverage your time and stop putting a ceiling on your income. 

l must say it’s changed the way l look at my pricing, l have a much more realistic idea now of what l need to charge in order to survive never mind thrive ….. and that’s a gift in itself because l am in business to thrive whereas my pricing was set at survival! x


Do you want to thrive?

Are you committed to making those changes?

To work towards those income goals?

Costing & Pricing

Some of the issues around costing & pricing your products & services include:


Your own self-worth, value, confidence


The “assumptions” you make about what people will pay


Knowing where to start


Cycles of discounting


People pleasing


Not knowing your bottom line!

I found the money master class/ book immensely helpful in changing my mindset towards my prices. I’m valuing myself and my work more than I ever have xx


 This masterclass will help you get clear about where you are and where you need to be in terms of your costing and pricing. It will give you food for thought in terms of what you are doing and what you need to be taking in to consideration. It will help you see your figures clearly and enable you to lose the guess work.

Are You Ready?

What’s Inside?

Once you sign up you will receive an email notification with your login detials. From there you will be able to access your  costing & pricing masterclass presentation (1.5hrs approx), examples and workbook. You will also find a couple of different trackers to help you and some hints and tips from Hughes Davies Accountancy on being a Sole Trader.


All for a one off payment of £33.00

I love the money masterclass, so many things you mention I hadn’t even thought about x


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Keep your eyes on the stars & your feet on the ground.

Theodore Roosevelt