Head HiJack

Everything Begins In The Mind

Clarity, Control and Choice
with Kerry Chumbley

There are times in life and business when we just feel HiJacked. Our time, our energy, our ideas, thoughts, flow and space.

We are HiJacked by others but we are also guilty of HiJacking ourselves.

The way we communicate with others and ourselves, our habits, stories, experiences, fears, overwhelm, intimidation, tolerance, patience, beliefs, values … so many different ways.

Join me on the Head HiJack, online personal development programme, and start taking back some control.

I see a lot of people putting a hell of a lot of pressure on themselves doing what I do. Much of this comes down to mindset, perception, assumption and fear.

Things can become overwhelming and frustrating, even quite dark and lonely really quite quickly.

If I can help to refute, reduce & remove those thoughts, barriers & frustrations to enable growth, development & success then I’ve fulfilled my purpose!

Don’t lose sight of your purpose & passion, of the incredible value you have to offer and the amazing things you can do ♥

Thank you so much, you are a life saver. I have been really worried about this you have taken a lot of worry from me – you’ve helped me to understand all this after having felt quite vulnerable – thank you for that – it’s priceless x

\Looking to improve your mindset, energy and headpsace in general?

\Constantly sabotaging yourself? Getting in your own way?

\Beating yourself up? Putting yourself down?

\Comparing yourself?

\Lacking in self trust, confidence & self worth?

\Spending too much time stuck in your head?

\Big peaks and troughs in energy? Getting nowhere fast?

\Repeating cycles of unhelpful, negative, thoughts and beahviours?

\Trying to please everyone else and putting yourself and own feelings to the back all the time?

I want to help you understand, explore and develop ways to improve your own mindset, perspective and emotional well-being in a way that works for you.

Let Me Help



When you are self-employed, it can be tough and it can be one of the biggest self-development journeys you will embark on.

Many of the issues that prevent us from developing, progressing, from taking that next step, from getting to where we want to be, ultimately all boil down to the same few overarching blocks:

Fear, Overwhelm, Knowledge & skills, Inspiration, Time (and Truth).

💔 Each of these things (and their root causes) have destroyed many a dream, dimmed many a light and broken many a heart – regardless of age, experience, qualifications…!

💡Being able to identify where the problem lies can provide a starting point for being able to unravel the situation. It might be the very thing that puts it all back together again!

Let’s explore these further and make things a little clearer, less overbearing, easier to manage and find a way forward.

With change, I can stop it before it becomes a new routine. Exploring the rewards and benefits was brilliant, and gave me some stark reality checks that I realise I really don’t want (horrifying!) so change is needed. Within that, consistency, accountability and keeping up momentum are key factors for me. Will need some ‘external’ help with this. What impacts my resilience levels was also key for me and simple action steps are now in place x


Shit happens, life happens, we get thrown curveballs and plot twists all over the place but there are times when you can do something about it.

I know it’s not always easy. There are always going to be things that happen, things that knock you off your feet, send you in a spin, catch you off guard and leave you feeling less than ok. It’s ok to not be ok all the time!

That’s what happens in life. We can’t possibly account for every eventuality, or every individual in our lives. BUT we can start being more aware, responsible and take action on the things we can – including our own thoughts and actions.

Let go of what you can’t control and take back what you can.

Join me in exploring what’s happening, what you’re doing and thinking, what you’re accepting and allowing.

Let’s look at ways of moving out of frustration, anger and disappointment, back in to being productive, progressing and harnessing our own power.

I’m becoming more aware of where I let myself be hijacked, and where I do it to myself! Consciously trying to change things x

I wanted to figure out more about what gets me stuck and to shine some light on it. I got that and more thank you so much x

 I am realising where I am being hijacked more though and the signs are everywhere! So I need to start taking notes and actions!


No one can teach you confidence, self-worth, self-value, motivation or drive. No one can give you those things, it’s got to be an inside job.

I (along with other coaches, helpers, mentors, counsellors, therapists, practitioners) can provide tools, techniques, talk things through, help you work things out, get clearer and more focused. I can help you every step of the way, offer guidance and support, but I can’t do it for you.

I can give you a kickstart, walk alongside you, picking you up, dusting you off, helping you to try different things, shining a light, looking at things from a different perspective, but YOU’VE got to do the work, you’ve got to want to help yourself, you’ve got to want to make those changes and try those things out.

This was quite an emotional rollercoaster at times, but ultimately gave me some great realisations and help in identifying factors. It brought up a lot of stuff for me around comparison of self/confidence/trust and how to work with that (more to do), and gave some real lightbulbs around motivations and resilience, which I am going to start working with.


Sometimes you have to dig deep, work through it, keep going, and when it gets tough take a break and keep going some more.

Sometimes you have to embrace that vulnerability, embrace all those negative things that you’ve tried so hard to bury deep inside and ignore,  wade through them, pull them apart, see them for what they are.

Sometimes you need to use those things as fuel, to ignite that spark, to act as a catalyst in moving you forward, and opening the doors for the amazing things that await you!

Let Me Help You Work Through It

The Programme

Identify & get clear about what’s getting in your way

Discover healthy tools & techniques to help you move beyond the stuck

See yourself in a different light

Embrace your whole self


Over these 9 weeks we will cover:

NThe Brain & Mind
NInternal & External Influences
NActions & Consequences
NEmotional Intelligence
NShadow work
NComfort Zones
NStrategies, Coping & Resilience
NTools, Techniques & Resources from various methodologies


Weekly Live Calls via Zoom
Private member area
Resources, Audio & Video
Private Support Group
Me walking alongside you every step


There will also be bonus content from guest therapists, practitioners, healers and helpers…

Thank you for helping me understand more about myself and how to help myself x

Thank you for all your help – it’s made such a difference to me and my relationships!

I feel much more in control now and have a firmer picture of the way ahead. x

s I have to just say, this is NOT for you if you are going through some really big stuff right now. If you’ve had recent trauma that you’re working through, feeling really vulnerable, fragile and in need of more intensive support. If this is you, I don’t want you to feel like I don’t want to work with you. I just know that a group programme might not be the best place for you right now. You are more than welcome to reach out and I can see what I can do to support you where you are right now.

s This is NOT a replacement for seeking professional medical advice & support for mental health issues. If you would like information on mental health services please get in touch.

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.