Fusion POD

Support, Inspiration, Connection

with Kerry Chumbley


Whether you’re just starting out, working part-time or fully immersed in self-employment you don’t have to go it alone! You don’t have to struggle through! You don’t have to second guess yourself!

The Fusion POD is about the fusion of personal and professional, emotional and practical, business and social – after all, when you are self-employed, YOU are YOUR business.

A community full of energy, creativity, support, guidance, insights, inspiration, motivation, tools, ideas, purpose and dreams! Have your very own team of cheerleaders who have your back and will keep you going when others just don’t seem to understand.

The POD is a lovely safe space to share wins and challenges, somewhere to get help, support and encouragement…. sometimes a quick vent or smile is all you need to unlock the block, release the fear and inspire new projects. I love being part of this group, it’s friendly and Kerry’s lovely 😊 🌟🌟🌟

Val Stanton

The POD is my safe place. The one place where I can really say how I feel about my business without people brushing off what I’m thinking as silly, ridiculous or unfounded. The support and help is incredible and since joining, my stress levels have decreased and my sales have increased <3

Claire Groves


It’s a place to help keep that momentum going in your business with accountability, helping you deal with those wobbles, hurdles, barriers, moments of doubt and feelings of overwhelm.

It’s about helping you not only with the technical and practical elements of your business but also the mindset, confidence, strength and support to make it work for you!

A safe haven where you will learn, share, grow and have fun!

Are You Ready?

To get unstuck and back in flow?
To make connections and feel supported?

I think the biggest thing for me is how you make me think about things differently which has helped me massively get to grips with clarity around what I do and why. I’m loving it! There’s always something I can take from your info. Really useful. There’s been things you’ve made me think about in a way that doesn’t make my head hurt! xx

Emma Pollard


With access to resources, materials, discussions and each other you will be able to discover a world of possibility and opportunity.

Take part, join in, share your experiences, your ups and downs. Ask for input, for fresh eyes on what you’re working on. Get out of the chaos in your head with others who understand.

I am always on hand to help but your voice matters, your opinions matter and your input is so important.

As a member of the POD you will get access to discounts on other products and services as well as the opportunity to be the first to run through new programmes, courses and workshops. 

I find it a great place to bounce off others in similar situations with huge support from Kerry and new ways to look at things. It’s balanced and not all about business but about the people who run them too x

Emma Johnson

Are You In?

..anything can be asked and if you don’t know-you will find out. We can’t ask for better in my humble opinion! X

Tracey Baxter

I love your straight up “nae messin” and “tell it like it is” approach. There is a solidity and groundedness with you plus a huge dollop of magic and creative thought

Fiona Dilston

Love the PoD – where you can say ANYTHING and not be judged – just showered with help x

Elizabeth Barbour

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To feel inspired and
to take action and make it happen?


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Creative Thinking Inspires Ideas. Ideas inspire change.

Barbara Januszkiewicz