Business evaluation doesn’t have to be a big laborious task. There are various ways to evaluate your business as well as the different elements.

If you’ve been in business for a while you will find that there are things that you do automatically, you just do them because you’ve always done them. You will have products and services that are still offered because you’ve always offered them. It can almost get a bit rut like and if you’re not careful it can create a whole lot of boredom and dread when people request these things.

If you are starting to feel this way about things in your business you need to spend some time looking at what you’re doing. How you feel about things, what you want to do less of and equally what you want to do more of and not forgetting all those things you haven’t done yet.

So what is PMS? OK so it’s not THAT PMS!

PMS is a fairly quick and easy form of business evaluation. Early on during a conversation with a client this process just came out and I had to do something with it. It is now something I regularly ask my 1:1 clients to think about in their business if they’re feeling in a bit of a funk about things.

It’s not something to get stuck on! It’s not something you need to spend huge amounts of time on, and is certainly not something to do to avoid doing something else.

Don’t worry if things cross over. Please don’t over think it, just go with your gut reaction to that task / service / product.

Look at everything you do, and start creating the following piles / lists. What are you doing for:

PASSION – what are you doing that you still love doing, that gives you joy? What still gets you excited, that really makes your heart dance?

MONEY – what are you doing because you know it brings in the money, it might not make your heart sing but it’s income? You don’t mind doing it but it’s just not quite hitting the mark for you any more.

SHIT – what just makes you feel meh? What are you finding to be a bit of a drag? What do you keep putting off? What do you grumble about in your head (or even out loud to anyone who will listen) when someone asks for it? What really just isn’t worth the time and effort anymore?

Now that you have your piles go through each one:



Go back over your Passion pile and see if there is a way to create more of THIS. What is it about these things that really gives you a buzz? How can you project that on to other things? How can you get that message across to your audience and potential new clients / customers? How can you promote THIS more?


Look at your Money pile, is there anything in there you can work on to re-ignite that fire, jazz it up, re-vamp it? What is it that’s missing the spark? Can you mix it up with something else, take out or add anything, reduce the number of times you do it? Keep it real though at the end of the day you are in business to create an income to support yourself and your family, just try to inject a bit of passion back in to those activities.


And then your Shit pile! Go through it and be honest; is it something you really need to be offering? Is it something you can do without? Can you make any changes or is it really just time to let that Shit go? If you let it go will it make room / time / energy for other things that will be better for you? Will your energy be different in the rest of your business and will that all outweigh the income that might now and then come in from it?

Big changes can be hard so even if you start with splitting the shit pile in to 2, 1 for the back burner, to keep just now but assess again (set yourself a timescale though don’t just let it carry on draining you) and another to go completely.  You might find it easier to let it go.

You can do this with all the activities in your business, even the behind the scenes stuff. Work out what you like doing, what you need to do, what you hate doing and when it gets to the hate doing stuff, see if there are ways to jazz it up or even consider outsourcing. If it’s not an option to outsource right now why not work towards that?!

Remember, it’s a journey, it’s a work in progress, things might be different in another 6 months time but use this as a starting point and come back to it every so often just to check in with yourself ❤️

Try it out and I’d love to know how you get on with it. Come find me on Facebook or drop your comments below.


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