Running your own business can set you free, but it’s not all prosecco, profit and part-time hours. You need serious drive and determination to be successful, but most importantly, you need to cut through the noise and find a strategy that works for YOU.

Because here’s the thing… when you focus on the right things for YOUR business, amazing things happen.

I’m Kerry and I’m here to help you put a Positive Twist on your business development.

I’m creative and logical. Black and white with a whizz pop bang. As a divergent thinker I have a knack for seeing opportunities and looking at things from a different perspective.

It's something that makes me good at problem solving and weighing up the options. Or in other words…

If you’re just starting out, I’ll help you harness that excitement, get systematic, find clarity and take action.

If you’re stuck I’ll help you to get out of the marketing mud without wasting any more time and energy.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed I’ll clear your path and show you the way to success.

If you’re ready to scale up your business, I’ll provide the marketing miracle-grow you need to move fast.

If you're looking for someone to take the stress out of creating and making so you can focus on your passion, I can help you with that too.

My mission?

To inspire people and be inspired. To uncover and help fulfil potential without fear. To help people and be creative.

To live a life and run a business that is true to me whilst helping others create a path towards achieving their own dreams. I am dedicated to supporting and motivating passionate people with purpose.

People Just Like You!

So, are you ready to take action? Check out my work with me pages to see how we could start working together or take the leap and get in touch with me!


- Lau Tzu