I never thought I’d find myself saying I take a holistic approach to business. It might surprise you too.

When I first started training, there were all these buzzwords floating around. It was like a competition to see how many times you could say them in a sentence. One of those words was Holistic. I heard it so often it felt empty, like a tick box for funding.

However, I found myself rediscovering and connecting with some of them again.

Holistic encapsulates the way I look at things, work with people and develop ideas.

What is Holistic?

We usually hear holistic in relation to health and well-being. Or thereapies.

So I thought I’d look for definitions to help:

“the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole”

I also found this concept: “Holism (from Greek holos “all, whole, entire”) is the idea that systems (physical, biological, chemical, social, economic, mental, linguistic) and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not just as a collection of parts. The term holism was coined by Jan Smuts.”

That’s How I Work!!

Whether it’s ideas, products and services. Marketing, management or growth. I’m always looking at things holistically. In other words, I’m always aware of how the individual aspects work together. Always with that particular person in mind.

Above all, in each and every case, it’s personal, it’s relative to the individual. Their lifestyle, commitments, wants, desires, blocks, struggles, worries and fears. Their abilities, capabilities, interest, motivation and passion too.

A Holistic Approach in Business

Whilst every part of your business can be worked on as separate elements, they have an impact on the whole. They are interconnected, symbiotic if you will. Each with a purpose to fulfil for the well-being of the whole.

From marketing, content and brand identity to the creation of products & services, systems and processes. The customers and clients and those you engage with. It’s how each piece of the puzzle fits with the next, how it all interacts, feeds from and to. How it all works together, holistically!

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Elementary Evolution© Holistic Approach to Business Development

If every one of those individual parts stood alone everything would be disconnected. For example:

Don’t know who you’re talking to? Your content is going to be affected.

Got things to sell but your purchase system is disjointed? Then you’re not going to make those sales.

Pushing against yourself constantly? You’re not going to be productive. Things don’t get done, content doesn’t go out, connections aren’t made. Resulting in no sales.

Not quite feeling it? You”ll hide away.

Even Large and Corporate Businesses Are Employing Holistic Strategies.

By looking at business development holistically, you are ensuring everything is working towards the same outcome.

It means you are making sure each part is fulfilling its purpose in relation to the bigger picture. Working on all aspects, continually improving, developing and building. It also enables you to catch issues before they become big problems.

In other words, it’s looking at and considering the health and well-being of your entire business.

A Holistic Approach Is Important When You’re Self Employed.

As an entrepreneur, small business owner or personal brand, there is always a personal component. There is so much of you involved.

You in your business

The impact your business has on you

Your presence in your business

Your life and how your life impacts your business

How your business impacts your life

Not to mention the vision and hopes attached to it too.

It’s The Whole Thing, Including YOU!

When you’re self-employed, it’s got to work with and for YOU.

Subsequently, it’s just as important to work on you, your well-being and personal development, as it is the practicalities of developing and managing the business.

Clarity in direction, focus and purpose gives you the confidence in what you’re doing and why. Knowing all the elements are working for you and the business, gives you control of moving things forward. When you know your foundations are stable and sound, you have the confidence to build.

However, that confidence is also an inside job. Knowing what needs done and doing it aren’t always the same thing. You’re going to come up against some wobbles and that’s ok. Business Development and Personal Development is all a work in progress.

Over To You

Has this got you thinking about your own development and practices?

Can you see how a holistic approach would benefit you? Then get in touch, let’s see how you want to market, manage and grow your business HOLISTICALLY.

I really do believe a holistic approach to business development is the way to go, especially for entrepreneurs, small busienss owners and personal brands.

My own signature framework is very much based around these ideas. Here’s a reel introducing Elementary Evolution®

Until Next Time, Keep Smiling

Kerry Chumbley Business Development Manager & Coach

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