“what really sets you alight is pulling the creative stuff together. You meld the ideas, the vision with the practical and then get people in action to continue that. You truly empower people; you facilitate their creativity and leave them feeling clearer and full of ideas and inspiration. You’re like a bridge between the vision and the outcome x”

Emma - Inner Smile

Business Support to Suit You

Are you sick and tired of one-size-fits-all business and marketing support? Fed up of the social media templates, the pre-made marketing plans and cookie-cutter coaching approach?

Me too.

You’re working hard to make your business a success. You’ve spent time, money and passion on creating a business that’s unique… just like you.

Shouldn’t your business and marketing support be the same?

You follow your own rules in life so why shouldn’t you do the same with your business? After all, when you’re an entrepreneur life and business can't always be separated. One impacts the other, positively and negatively.

I’m Kerry and I help people just like you to make a massive impact with their businesses.

I am providing a twist on conventional business development for Holistic business owners. Educators, Healers & Helpers who are super passionate, who have a message to share and services that add value to other people's lives.

I help my clients to get out of their own way, manage and market their businesses with confidence, avoid burn-out, get crystal clear, super focused, back in control and create success in a way that suits them.

There is no one size fits all in life so why should marketing your business be any different?

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"Kerry from Positive Twists helped me create a structure that allows me to be creative and responsive but keeps me focused and on track at the same time"

"I had managed to get myself completely overwhelmed with unnecessary work and without a clear plan of the way forward. Kerry leapt to my rescue and helped me to strip down my business to the bare essentials and make some (in some cases drastic but) much needed changes to how I do things."

"Kerry is creative, thoughtful, conscious, generous with her knowledgeable professional advice and pays attention to detail"


Is your performance & business suffering because you’re lacking in confidence, skills or knowledge in how to promote yourself effectively?

Don’t let your dreams die because you’re a little stuck, going around in circles with frustration, panic and doubt.

Let's work together and get your message out there.

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Are you looking to start or grow your business, take it in a new direction, develop some of those ideas that have been going around your head?

Struggling for time and energy? Is your passion turning in to a chore because the business side of things are leaving you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and the cracks are starting to show?

Let me help you

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A selection of workshops and courses to help boost your confidence, work through your wobbles and build your business.

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- Lau Tzu